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Other Valuable Services

" Get Started to be Great " being the motto of our organization we make every effort to maintain quality par excellence be it organizing corporate launches to road trips & air schedules, check ins; registrations, corporate parties or even organizing tourist safari's/campus for your family while you are busy at work because we didn’t have to be great to get started.

Golden Chariot Holidays essentially an eco-friendly company is committed to protecting the fragile environment and basically deals with varied different other services to pamper your senses like the following few :

  • Holiday Packages
  • Leisure Travels
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Heritages Tours
  • Exotic Holidays with
  • Houseboats & the like
  • Pilgrumage Tours
  • Student Tours
  • Skiing & River Rafting
  • Packages
  • Star Cruises
  • Currency exchange of all Countries

Why Choose Golden Chariot Holidays

We are most proud however of the fact that we are personal, Unlike many travel Company, we don't expect you to just choose products out of a database yourself without any advice. Get Started to be Great provides you with the services of a professional travel consultant who is right here to advice you. Your consultant will be able to assist you by making recommendations and giving you more background information to help you make your booking. But the amazing things is that even through you get this great service, it doesn't cost you any more! We want to give you the best service AND the best price.

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